OEM PARTS - A new replacement part or accessory manufactured for the orignal vehicle manufacturer.

AFTERMARKET PARTS - A part or accessory produced by a manufacturer other than the original vehicle manufacturer.

USED PARTS - Parts previously installed on a vehicle of the same manufacturer.

BLEND - Paint (Refinish) into undamaged adjacent panel(s) to achieve an acceptable color match.

CLEAR COAT - A coating of protective paint material that is applied after the color coating. This is what protects the paint and creates the shine.

TEAR DOWN AUTHORIZATION - Written or verbal permission from the customer to disassemble the damaged area for the purpose of creating a comprehensive repair estimate.

REPAIR AUTHORIZATION - Written or verbal permission from the customer to repair the damaged area of the vehicle as itemized on the comprehensive repair estimate.

CLEAN FOR DELIVERY - Process of removing accident and/or repair related residue and debris.

SUPPLEMENT - Any change in price or method of repairs from the repair estimate. Occasionally, there may be more than one supplement.

COLOR SAND AND POLISH - Process of removing minor blemishes from the refinished area.

PAINT AND MATERIALS - Sprayable liquids and other products used to prepare and restore the damaged surface.

RECONDITIONED - A part that is repaired by an outside source.

SECTION - The partial replacement of a welded or bonded part on the vehicle.

DEPRECIATION AND/OR BETTERMENT - Depreciation is a decrease in value of property due to age, wear and tear. Betterment is the difference between the dollar value of a new part and the part being replaced (i.e. tires and batteries).

SUBLET REPAIRS - Any repairs or service not performed by the collision repair facility.

PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR (PDR) - The process of repairing minor dents using specialized tools, without refinishing the damaged part (i.e. dings from grocery carts that don't scratch the original paint).


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