We Provide The Best Service

No one ever wants to have an accident. Going through the steps to have your  damaged car repaired is not a fun process.  We understand how you feel, and strive to do everything we can do to reduce the inconvenience and hassle of an unfortunate circumstance.  So relax and let us do what we do better than anyone else, put you and your car back on the road again, as good or better than before the accident.

We Provide Free Estimates
Visit our office equipped with the latest computer estimating technology for quick and accurate estimates!

Certified First Network 
We are part of the Certified First Network.  This certification shows that we follow the industry standards from start to refinishing in the auto body industry. 

Factory Paint Finish
You want your vehicle to look like it did before your accident.  We offer a hard, baked-on finish using finest PPG paint products.

Frame Repair Systems

In addition to the top of the line paint system, our highly efficient repair system can make precise measurements and aligning.  This allows for expert repairs of damaged car frames and uni-bodies.

When In a Collision DC Femia Is Your Best Decision!







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